I believe everyone can grow and reach for joy and fulfillment.

Parenting children who have experienced trauma takes patience, and knowledge about the effects of trauma on behavior. Teaching parents trauma-informed techniques while encouraging self-care enables parents to create a safe place for children to grow and learn to love and be loved. 

Heather Abella, MA, LPCC

Emotional honesty, relationship skills, and open communication can move individuals and families to a more positive experience with ourselves, our family, and our future. 

Children can be overwhelmed by life; traumatic experiences, moving to a new foster family, physical illness, or adoption. They can't heal from pain or be plugged into a new family without support. I use play and art therapy to support children while they explore and resolve problems. 

As professionals we benefit when we learn new ways of helping our clients based techniques developed in research--honed through experience. I am passionate about sharing proven techniques in trauma, attachment, transracial parenting, and complex family system

Abella Counseling, L.L.C.

Heather Abella, MA, LPCC, is an independent licensed mental health counselor and speaker in practice since 2002.

She is experienced in caring for families including adoption counseling, couples therapy, family conflict resolution, troubled parent child relationships, child and adolescent mental health, and family system therapy.  

Heather also treats individuals struggling with personal issues which block them from reaching their full potential. Heather's training and experience enable her to facilitate healing and full life.

She works with passion and care as she helps her clients navigate through emotional obstacles and feelings of being stuck and trapped. A compassionate guide, Heather supports her clients' work so they can experience harmony and contentment.
Her range of experience and expertise includes adoption-related concerns, trauma, attachment, loss, LGBT and transracial parenting, and complex family systems.  She works with parents and children dealing with exceptional circumstances and relationships as they build their family.