Blending two families starts with love and stays together through empathy and openness. Openness to new traditions, new rules, and new expectations. The stress of making two families into one unit can devolve into arguments and misunderstandings. By acknowledging the challenges, creating a peaceful and loving home can begin.

Getting there isn’t easy. Coming up with a plan to enable everyone to thrive takes experience and perspective. I can help you navigate the transition period. Agreeing on discipline styles, and household duties insures fairness. I offer a safe space to explore unspoken exceptions so children and parents can be aware of other ways of being in a family. Compromise and nurturing can happen with support and guidance from an experienced therapist. I am ready to help your family.

Foster Families

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Blended Families

What an adventure of love to invite a child to join a family forever! Adoptive parents want the best for their children. Adopting an older child who come with their own history, habits, and expectations can feel overwhelming. Even adopted infants face unique challenges. Post-adoption issues include identifying symptoms of trauma, attachment disorder, and grief. If the child is a different race or culture they will need identity formation support.  Love is the beginning but families often need more. More understanding, more support, more training. As you consider adoption, or if the adoption is finalized I have the experience to provide guidance and insight as you integrate your child into your family.​

Children enter the foster system for many reasons abuse, neglect, or parental illness. At-risk children enter a system but what they need is a family. Foster parents provide a healing home for a limited period of time; this requires patience, strength, and love. It also requires specialized skills and parenting techniques. Self-care is often neglected leading to foster parent burn-out. Whether the plan is reunification to the child’s biological parent or the severing of birth families ties. I have the experience to help you care for the children entrusted to your care as well as caring for yourself and your family.

There are many ways to build a family including adoption, fostering, fertility treatments and blended families.

Sometimes a family needs support to navigate the emotional and logistical challenges. Complex issues need experienced compassionate care. With over a decade of experience I have been helping parents and children cope and flourish.

I am ready to assist your family develop skills to overcome conflicts and pain to find a way forward as a healthy family.