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DrugRehab  DrugRehab.com is a web resource provided and funded by Advanced Recovery Systems. This website has informative articles about addictions including alcohol, heroin, and meth. The listing of this resource does not constitute an endorsement of Advanced Recovery Systems treatment center. 

Evergreen Psychotherapy Center Attachment Treatment & Training Institute  Evergreen, Colorado. An internationally recognized institute with over 30 years of experience in the treatment of attachment and trauma problems. Their approach is one of health rather than pathology.  The program does not place children in foster homes during treatment to avoid further rejection and abandonment. At Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, families remain together and are coached in the skills needed to stay together. 

Help.org  Help.org is supported by a team of researchers, activists, writers, and professionals who work together with addiction counselors and other professionals in the industry to make crucial information about addiction and how to get help accessible to everyone. On Help.org you can find a search tool to locate substance abuse resources organized by state. 

NAMI  The National Alliance on Mental Illness New Mexico chapter is part of the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

NAMI Albuquerque  The Albuquerque chapter of NAMI provides education programs for families, individuals, providers and communities; promotes innovative education and support in diverse community settings.


Homosexuality: It's about survival - not sex,  James O'Keefe, TEDxTallaght This passionate talk from Dr. James O'Keefe MD gives us a deeply personal and fascinating insight into why homosexuality is indeed a necessary and extraordinarily useful cog in nature's wheel of perfection.

Books and Articles

Co-Occuring Disorders

Co-occurring disorders are mental health conditions that exist alongside substance abuse issues. Co-occurring disorders and addiction often greatly impact one another. 

Co-Occuring Disorders and Addiction 

Foster Parents and children

First Few Weeks Home with a New Foster Child.   This links to a group of articles with practical ideas for new foster parents. 

5 Tips to Prepare for Back to School for Foster Children

Can Trauma-Informed Care - Help Foster Parents & Kids?‎

Adoption foster

The Changing Face of Adoption: Excerpted from Parenting the Hurt Child By Regina M. Kupecky, LSW, Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D. 

Eclectic and Systematic Treatment Selections

Beutler, L. E., & Clarkin, J. F. (2014). Systematic treatment selection: toward targeted therapeutic interventions. New York: Routledge.

Beutler, L. E., Someah, K., Kimpara, S., & Miller, K. (2016). Selecting the most appropriate treatment for each patient. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 16(1), 99-108. doi:10.1016/j.ijchp.2015.08.001